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partners with global wealth management leaders, private banking specialists, external asset managers, trusted familiy office advisors, leading consultants to the financial industry


Are you a leader in private banking or a Relationship Manager or Investment Advisor?

With Move Digital you can

  • Convince your client with personalized, relevant and competent advice 
  • Stay on top of markets, trends and events 24/7
  • Mobilize your entire organization to deliver on clients' needs
  • Support proposed actions and transactions with relevant data, news and intelligence
  • Create high-quality, personalized wealth pitch material with minimum effort 
  • Inspire trust and capture client interest in your service offering
  • Grow your revenues

Our wealth intelligence solution empowers you with a suite of services to elevate and transform your advice delivery through sophisticated and customizable content streams and real-time monitoring of market events as they happen.


Are you a CEO, CFO or another member of Executive Management?

With Move Digital you can

  • Empower your organization with technology integrated in the wealth ecosystem to exceed industry standards  
  • Build a highly scalable and profitable business for your HNW client segment with technology enabling personalized advice 
  • Strengthen employee and client loyalty
  • Maximize the return on assets of the resources your organization buys every day  
  • Grow your RoE and improve your cost/income ratio

Achieve better decision-making and stellar client experiences with Wealth Intelligence and Investment Solutions through advanced and validated technology for your organization.


Are you a Chief Investment Officer, Investment Specialist or Research Analyst?

With Move Digital you can

  • Rapidly identify emerging topics
  • Monitor themes and their dynamics 24/7
  • Reach your target audience across multiple channels and formats
  • Present relevant data and intelligence to support your arguments
  • Continuously cover large sets of trends effectively and efficiently
  • Inspire trust and capture client interest in your service offering
  • Create bespoke investment solutions for specific client situations
  • Grow your AuM and revenues


Our modular offering provides services for business users and integration APIs for IT developers.  All services in Investment Solutions and Wealth Intelligence can be easily integrated in current CIO Houseview, Advisory or RM Desk applications.

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