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Extension of our Wealth Intelligence offering with Events Services, an easy-to-integrate market alert application for anyone in the wealth management industry

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Further extension of structured products processing capabilities, including automated integration with requester and provider applications and improved product lifecycle management

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Expansion of Move Ecosystem through onboarding of leading global investment product manufacturers. Expansion of product offering and client base.

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Further operational integration into Credit Suisse’s technology platforms. Groundwork for creation of Move Ecosystem. Establishment of our near-shore development location in Sofia.

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Successful validation of functional capabilities at Credit Suisse. Development of Business Rules Engine, Move Digital’s Compliance module.

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Nexus and Move are merged to create Move Digital AG. Series B capital raise. Expansion of team and internal technology platform.

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Our strategic partner Credit Suisse successfully pilots Nexus. Nexus expands its content partnerships and grows its financial ontology. Move improves its trading algorithms.

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To execute on investment themes curated in Nexus, an algorithm-driven executional front-end trading solution – Move – is created.

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Launch of Nexus, a new B2B analytics tool which collects and connects investment products to dynamic content from premium sources. Series A capital raise.

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Mohammed Alaoui lays the foundation of the current Move Digital offering, working as an independent consultant to the finance industry

Move Digital partners with wealth manager that want to optimize their value chain processes, refine their current value proposition and expand their client base. 

We provide advanced technologies to empower your teams and resources at every stage of the wealth management journey - from the initial idea to placing investments and beyond.

Our strengths lie in bringing together digital technologies and specific expertise in the areas of wealth intelligence and investment solutions - all within one coherent system.