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Rapidly access an array of useful resources – such as news, market data, fundamental data and research – when answering requests or developing investment themes and personalized solutions for clients

Responding to client requests is made easier and more efficient when you can access a host of relevant resources from news, market data, fundamental data and research to information on companies, indexes, products or events. 

Global Search is a powerful search engine that enables users to rapidly retrieve the right data to support them when servicing client needs or generating new investment themes. Search results are context specific to the wealth management industry and are designed to be integrated into different workflows – whether you are developing a pitch, answering client questions or taking a deep dive into new topics to generate new or trending investment themes. 

With this flexible platform, search results can be adjusted to the user profile – with relationship managers and investment consultants viewing internally validated content while research analysts, portfolio managers and the CIO team can explore an even broader range of materials so they always see the big picture.
Global Search also serves as a powerful tool for prospecting: Users can search flexibly using unstructured text or keywords to identify potentially interesting investment ideas or talking points. The relevant content can then be consumed, shared internally, exported or saved for future reference.

Clients benefit too – with direct access to Global Search, allowing them to explore internal resources produced by the Advisory Board or view external resources for contextual or validation purposes. 

Wealth Pitch
Wealth Pitch

Key features

Consistent search capabilities

Users can systematically search a universe of internal and external data for reliable and relevant results

Autosuggest functionality  

Automatic guidance feature helps users find potential search queries – with multi-tag search and free text search supported

Adaptable search options

Ability to tailor results to individual needs by defining different types of queries – such as searching for peers or specific products

Deep dive feature

Option to explore topics even further by accessing the dedicated deep dive space with additional search criteria


Users benefit from a rich ontology of around 60,000 concepts and can discover the corresponding contextual relationships

Integration capabilities

Full functionality is available with APIs - allowing the function to be integrated on any relationship manager platform, private banking desk or front desk solution