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Cut through the noise with live streams and stay up to date on key developments, relevant news and trends impacting your investment themes

Streams is an intelligent tool that enables you to transform your different data sources into easily structured themed streams of information and investment products.

Streams systematically covers internal and external resources – providing a live feed of the latest and most relevant data to support your advisory process. 

The tool collects, contextualizes and curates relevant information related to specific investment themes or topics – from news and market or fundamental data to research and detailed house view analysis – all within a powerful, search-friendly information network, ready for you to consume or share. 

Users can easily create their own streams by defining explicit combinations of topics or implicitly, with manual curation and training. 
The automatic detection of trending news, themes and other information can also be leveraged to build streams. 
Whether you want to efficiently cover a large number of investment themes or easily create bespoke themes for a single client, the Streams solution provides convenient automated live coverage – so you have all the information resources you need at your fingertips.

Streams also ensures a positive journey for the end-client – from the first expression of interest to investment and lifecycle support. 

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Key features

Fast and easy creation

Create streams rapidly and easily so you can follow investment themes in real time.
A comprehensive library of widgets is available to provide a live professional visual experience of the streamed resources

Context-based user experience 

Create multiple versions of streams for specific usage scenarios – from overviews for end clients to in-depth coverage for wealth managers and investment solutions for product specialists

Continuous compliance

Advanced filtering ensures compliance with internal business processes at all times. Content and results are enriched with the house view and other relevant parameters

Real-time curation and notification

End-users benefit from the live collection of news, market data and other content, together with curation and notifications about relevant developments

Personalization for end-users

Streams can be matched to user and client profiles using behavioral data, user profiles, client priorities and interests – or other completely unstructured data

User insights

Analytics on stream consumption provide an insight into usage patterns and interests

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