One Platform, Flexible Modules

Move's products are modular and can be used on a standalone or integrated basis. Together, they support your wealth management journey along the entire value chain: from generating ideas to placing a compliant investment and beyond.

Move in Numbers



in which we derive automated insights from content through natural language processing


new articles

are received by our platform and screened for insights each month


public companies

are covered by our system  with the latest key financial data, analyses and comparisons



is the time taken from the issuing of the CIO view to the delivery of a customized offering to the end-client



are automatically derived from content and tagged within texts to form new themes


risk factors

have been identified and are frequently screened and analyzed for their impact on portfolio holdings



have been uploaded to our system so far, each with its own automated factor analysis



are shown by Move with their constituents, contributions and performance indicators

Agile Technology

Move's platform integrates perfectly into your existing IT infrastructure

Proprietary space 

Move can be implemented within the proprietary domain of your existing IT infrastructure. We work closely with your IT team to fully integrate the modules within your own protected space.

Controlled sharing 

Content can be pushed between Move domains – e.g. from your own domain to Move platforms at other institutions (e.g. if you want to provide a product or theme to another bank).

Customized access

All users receive individual access rights, allowing them to read and write or just read some or all content. Move allows customized access to be granted at group or single user level.

Mobile compatible

Move is a protected online platform that can be accessed via desktop computers and mobile devices (tablet or smartphone). Supported browsers are the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.