Who we are

Move partners with wealth managers, private banks and insurance companies that want to optimize their value chain processes, refine their current value proposition and expand their client base. 

We provide advanced technologies to empower your teams and resources at every stage of the wealth management journey: from the initial idea to placing investments and beyond.

Our strengths lie in bringing together digital technologies and specific expertise in the areas of economics, finance, investment products, systematic trading and risk management – all within one coherent system.


Company History

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously deliver the best value propositions for end-clients. We want to achieve this by revolutionizing the wealth management industry from front to back through digitalization. To help achieve this and continuously grow our business, we will continue to establish meaningful partnerships with financial institutions who share this vision.


- The person behind the idea -

Mohammed Alaoui 

Mohammed is a passionate trader with a career in finance spanning 20 years. He worked for major banks in London, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

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Focus Areas

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Processing team is responsible for building Move’s ontology and making sense of the vast amount of content our systems receive daily. Our focus is on the niche market of financially relevant information. We strive to make the most meaningful connections that serve as the basis for investment decisions.

Move Quants

Our Quant team is in charge of experimentation and innovation. It uses exploratory data analysis to apply rapid testing methods and works on prototypes for future features and products. The Quant team consists of experienced computer scientists and traders with expertise ranging from particle physics to trading to social networks.


Our Development team consists of experts in data analysis, algorithm development and coding for front- and back-end applications. All of these professionals had extensive development experience before joining Move. The majority have PhDs in science and a background in finance – including high-frequency trading.

Business Design

Our Business Design team forms the link between the product and clients. They fine-tune the offering to client needs and accompany product rollouts. Their focus is on training, relationship building and communications. They also transform client feedback into product/UX improvements. The team combines expertise in economics and management with solid technical backgrounds.

System Administration

Our experienced System Administration team builds, maintains and secures our IT infrastructure. We own our entire infrastructure and do not use services that cannot be integrated locally. All data and hosting is located exclusively in Switzerland and regularly undergoes rigorous security checks.


Our data team builds vendor agnostic data warehousing solutions that power our applications with an integrated reference and market data set, sourced and merged from multiple vendors. Move Digital sees the mastery of financial data as a strategic asset to our clients.

The Move Team in Numbers



We currently have 50 full-time employees with expertise in finance and technology.


countries represented

Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, 

Poland, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, UK, USA and Vietnam.


PhD graduates

Our experts have a strong academic background. We have employees with PhDs, Masters and Bachelors between us.



 We have a seasoned team of experts with 10 years average of professional experience.


Finance professionals

from top-tier banks, including Credit Suisse, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Swiss National Bank and Morgan Stanley. 


Technology professionals

from leading tech firms, including Google, Amazon, Fintech Startups and IT-Tech boutiques.



we speak a lot of languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, main office language is English.